Each Package comes with complimentary call on the 18th of each month in order to schedule their next visit ahead of all others, includes a free buff wax or shampoo (their choice with the option to roll over to the next month)

Package Types:

* - $500 (full package: inside cleaning, windows, floors, shampoo, vinyl or leather seat treatment, trunk, outside wash, tires and rims, deep vaccuum)

-if the $500 package is renewed after the first 6 months, they may sign up for the same package for the following six months at the $360 price!

* - $360 (Inside out package: deep vaccum, leather or vinyl cleaning, windows, outside wash, tires and rims)

scheduled cleanings and detailing "prevents leather from deteriorating, revitalizes your clear coat and paint"
*one package good for one car PER MONTH, meaning you may alternate cars each month if buying for a significant other or family