Our Family and Story

-Family owned business, newly started just over a year ago. The birth of the company came in response to family health issues, when their child arrived into the world with BWS and they from Butte Montana to Seattle Washington. Given the situation, being stationed in a new city for at least a year in order to be close to the hospital for their son, they decided to pick up their boot straps and start their own business venture. What started as more or less a smaller business outlet, grew into a sustainable business for which they found a life passion. Now, better and on the up-and-up, their son has returned to their family alongside their other two children. With a newly found stride and a passion for their work, they've turned a business venture into a career that they love.

Booking with J & J Detail means that we will ALWAYS work around your schedule. Typically booked for 1-2 weeks ahead of time, your second booking allows for a much wider selection of dates and times moving forward. After your initial booking you can easily sign up for our "loyalty package" (linked to previous page) for recurring cleanings for six months; Including a complimentary rescheduling call on the 18th of each month to provide you the most convenient experience! Be sure to book today and start your fight against deterioration and towards a stronger clear coat and paint job!

"We care about your car, but more importantly we care about our earth. We keep our products as clean as possible, and our unique service style provides the cleanest shine with the smallest footprint

A little bit about our product:

-use filtered water (treated, additive so that when it sprays off the car it kills off the bacteria of the grease and materials on the car, making it close to rain water once it is introduced into the environment)

-non toxic soap (same bacteria additive, engineered to help fish and other organic materials while cleaning the car)

-little to no environmental footprint

-does not use any kind of chemicals during the wash and clean