Take Advantage of Our $60 Full Auto Detail

Turn to J & J Detail in Tacoma, WA

J & J Detail offers full service detail for all vehicles for just $60!

This fabulous all-inclusive service includes:

• Cleaning all rims
• Cleaning the floors
• A full vacuum of the interior
• Cleaning the door jams and all the nooks and crannies
• Cleaning all windows
• Removing mold and mildew

Whether you drive a semi-truck or a tiny Ford Pinto, our full service detail costs just $60! You can add a body package that includes a buff, wax, and total inside/outside detail for $100. You can also get a carpet detail, which we shampoo the carpets and rugs for $100. $150 for a full auto detail, wax, a buff and all packages included! Using just the power of water, eco-friendly soap and elbow grease, J & J Detail's crack team of detailers will make your car look as good as new.